Base strategy: getting on TOP

We are focused on strategies that we believe are right for the long-term health of the Company and will not only deliver highest shareholder return but also can push whole Fibertool to occupy maximum of market share.

The Company’s long-term financial targets are:

  • Grow organic sales 5% to 8% faster than market growth in the categories and geographies in which we compete,
  • Deliver earnings per share (EPS) growth of high single digits to high double digits, and
  • Generate free cash flow productivity of 90% or greater.

In order to achieve these targets, we are prioritizing the strategies and resources that will make Fibertool more focused and fit to win over the near- and long-terms.

Strengthening our Core Business

We are prioritizing resources on our biggest, most profitable business – trade house department, developing markets that offer the greatest opportunity for growth and gathering biggest brands portfolio to have maximum spread over market.

Maintaining the strong growth momentum we have established in developing markets is critical to delivering our near- and long-term growth objectives. We are focusing resources first on the markets that offer the greatest growth opportunity. We will assess the potential for further portfolio expansions beyond the top 10 developing markets based on the top- and bottom-line growth progress of the core business.

Strengthening our Upstream Innovation Program

Innovation going to be Fibertool’s lifeblood. To consistently win with consumers around the world across price tiers and preferences, and to consistently win versus our best competitors, each Fibertool product category must have a full portfolio of innovation, to live in future moment. The innovation portfolios must include a mix of commercial programs, incremental product improvements and discontinuous innovations. We have made the creation of more discontinuous innovation a top priority, dedicating Fibertool’s resources and funding to develop new innovations aimed at changing the game in existing product categories and creating new ones.