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Fibertool has Become Business Partner of Avaya
Fibertool has confirmed its expertise in the supply and installation of complex telecommunication equipment by gaining the status of an authorized Business Partner of Avaya. This status allows the company to deliver video conferencing equipment of Avaya Radvision in Russia and the CIS, as well as ensures qualified customer support with certified experts. Avaya Radvision equipment provides many features: video conference technologies make the work of organizations more effective, facilitate collaboration and minimize the financial and time expenses on organizing meetings, remote interviewing and training.
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Fibertool is an “Attractive Employer 2012”
Fibertool was awarded the title “Attractive Employer 2012” from the web portal Following the study results, has remarked noticable activity of Fibertool on attracting new recruits, great response of the candidates and competitive level of compensation offered by the company. Fibertool is the leader in sales of equipment and components for the construction of fiber optic networks. The company has been successfully operating in the telecommunications market for over 9 years.
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Fibertool Establishes a new Branch in China
Fibertool has opened the new representative office in Shanghai. Working directly with the manufacturer gives us the opportunity to be at the peak of the new trends and developments in the telecommunications industry. Now we can promptly report to the manufacturer of the requirements and wishes of our customers and can implement projects, considering the individual needs of each client. Our team in the new office organizes quick and high grade input control “on the spot”, and organizes rapid logistics solutions in order to reduce the time of delivery.
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Fibertool Participated in the “IT-Siberia. Sibtelecom-2012” Exhibition
At the exhibition Fibertool has presented equipment for construction and maintenance of fiber-optic communication lines, including measuring devices for communication systems produced by Grandway, Photom, Yokogawa Electric, Fluke, GateRay CWDM and DWDM multiplexing equipment, Haupa installation tools. Specialists of the company have demonstrated modern automatic fusion splicers of Japanese, Korean and Chinese manufacturers, such as Sumitomo TYPE-71С, INNO IFS-10, Fitel S-178 A, Fujikura FSM-60S, Jilong KL-300 T. Our experts have also shown models of IP-TV set-top boxes and media players for cable television as well as cable testers of CATV series.
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Fibertool is a Gateray Distributor
Fibertool being a reliable supplier of high-precision equipment in online communications has concluded a long-term contract with a Chinese company GateRay. Fibertool has gained the status of a GateRay distributor of products and services in Russia and the CIS countries. GateRay, Ltd was founded in 2006 and specializes in the development and production of equipment for light signal transmission over fiber-optic lines. As a result of this mutually beneficial cooperation, GateRay will greatly expand the sales area and acquire new clients among the Russian providers.