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Fibertool Takes Part in the “Sviaz-Expocomm-2012” Exhibition
Fibertool has actively participated in the exhibition with a new lines of products. The company’s stand displayed the work of various equipment, the experts gave master classes in optical fusion splicing and measuring of signal losses in fiber lines. The company offered to its partners to learn a new range of products from leading European and Japanese manufacturers. Fibertool introduced new areas of its activities, such as IP-telephony and IP-TV.
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Fibertool is an Authorized Dealer of Photom
Fibertool has become an official supplier of Hakuto Photom equipment in Russia. The trademark Photom belongs to Hakuto Co, Ltd., a Japanese company established in 1953. The Hakuto Photom division specializes in developing and manufacturing optical tools, electronic components and accessories. Hakuto Co, Ltd. guarantees a high level of service and comprehensive technical support of the equipment. Fibertool offers a wide range of Photom devices designed to test fiber optic communication lines.
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Fibertool Opens a New Office in Belarus
Fibertool keeps on its rapid development opening a new branch in Minsk. Belarusian market of Internet services today has a great potential, and the emergence of Fibertool will facilitate the implementation of innovative technologies, and accelerate the development of modern communications in the republic. Now users can reliably obtain high quality services and the up-to-date telecom equipment at the best prices. This includes new equipment for fiber-optic lines, precise test devices etc.